Issue 23 and Volume 31.

FIRE HYDRANTS AND SPRINKLING CARTS. Noticing in quite a number of waterworks reports from cities in different parts of the United States, and that in many of them something is said about the evils of using fire hydrants for filling sprinkling carts, I desire to add my protest against such usage, and to say that in my estimation it is an evil far beyond what a great many officials think it to be. A fire hydrant is made and placed in position for a certain purpose—namely, to furnish water for extinguishing fires, and while to the inexperienced or casual observer a fire hydrant is a piece of heavy machinery, and one that is not liable to get out of order (and such is the case when properly used, as by a fire department), no one knows better than an experienced waterworks man that in every fire hydrant, even the most…

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