Issue 23 and Volume 31.

PROGRESS AT ERIE. During 1901 there were installed at the pumping station at Erie, Pa., a machine shop, with forge, lathe, drill press, grinder, and electric motor; the Gaskill pumping engine was thoroughly rebuilt, and three and a half miles of new mains were laid—making a total of 110 miles and three-quarters laid in the city. The increase in the receipts of the department. for the year 1901, amounted to the sum of $11,681.29. The amount of water pumped was 3,190.024.016 gallons, an increase over the previous year of 65.584,272 gallons. The daily average pumpage was 8,739794 gallons. The daily average per capita pumpage was 1657 gallons, based upon the census report for 1900. which gives the city a population of 52733. It is believed that a large amount of the water is unnecessarily wasted, which waste could be materially curtailed, if the rules of the department were amended so…

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