Issue 23 and Volume 31.

THE WORK OF FIRE ENGINEERS. Big Fires and Small Losses. PUEBLO, COLO. Pueblo, Colo., has an almost entirely new fire department—that is, so far as concerns its personnel. The chief, P. B. Bradford, was appointed a little over a year ago, with Clarence Patterson as his assistant, and under them is a corps made up nearly altogether of young men, who have now been so drilled and disciplined as to form a body of as efficient firemen as any one would wish to see. Since the department was virtually reorganised—certainly remodeled—there have been very few fires of any consequence, and whatever have taken place have all been in comparatively out of the way places—one, indeed,where Chief Bradford am! his men rendered valuable service, not being within the city’s fire limits. Since the old order changed, giving place to the new, the department has been improved, and still further improvements are…

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