Issue 4 and Volume 32.

THE FIRE CONVENTION. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Those interested in fire protection should remember that the next annual convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers will be held in New York city from September 16 to 19, 1902 Chief engineers of fire departments, fire commissioners, members of council fire committees, superintendents of fire insurance patrols—in fact, everyone connected in an official or semi-official way in the management or conduct of fire departments, or those who are interested in fire-extinguishing methods ought not miss this opportunity to become associated with the most powerful fire organisation in the country. No city can afford to be unrepresented at the September meeting, nor should it refuse to appropriate the small amount it would cost to have its delegate present. The benefit to be derived from such representation, both from a business and social standpoint, cannot be overestimated. Municipal authorities should make every effort to have…

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