Issue 4 and Volume 32.

FIRE AND WATER “Obituary Notes” is apparently now the heading in the New York Times under which destructive fires are to be classed. High-class journalism, like its yellow sister, disdains ordinary methods when giving its readers “all the news that’s fit to print.” The classification is at least ingenious, as a burned building certainly comes under the head of “ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” Philadelphia, while taking steps to guard against fire, on the one hand, is opening the door very wide on the other, and inviting the conflagration fiend to step in. It appears that, in the introduction of the new high pressure service for the congested district of the city, it is now proposed to use gas engines for. operating the pumps. This is not considered the most reliable system so far as safety is concerned. If that point is to be taken into consideration, surely…

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