Issue 4 and Volume 32.

SHIFTING THIRTY-SIX-INCH MAIN PIPES. All last Saturday night far into Sunday morning forty laborers, standing waist high in water, worked at the task of moving the big thirty-six-inch highpressure main pipe extending from One Hundred and Seventh to One Hundred and Ninth streets eight feet from its alignment to make room for the rapid transit tunnel. In twelve hours they had it moved from under the car tracks to within a few feet of the curb. The pipe had to be cut in two places and shortened, twenty-nine inches being removed, because of the curve at One Hundred and Tenth street; the joints had then to he caulked— these operations taking only four hours. The pipe was first moved by means of crowbars, then connected by heavy chains with two large derricks, raised a few feet, and, as soon as it hung steadily, pushed slowly, inch by inch, eastwards till…

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