Issue 6 and Volume 32.

FIRE PROTECTION AT SPOKANE. To run the Spokane. Wash., fire department last year took $71,507.09. $5,000 of which was paid for a Metropolitan fire engine. The department answered 230 alarms, of which twenty-three were false. The total losses amounted to $841,158.01; insurance, $437,275. There were twenty fires in brick or stone buildings; sixty-four in wooden buildings; forty-one in other than wooden buildings; 122 were confined to place of origin; three extended to adjoining buildings and beyond; and 107 were confined to the floor on which they originated. The above showing is greatly to the credit of Chief Myers and his men. There are six fire stations for sixtythree paid men. as follows; Chief; assistant chief and secretary; electrician: six captains; three foremen ; three engineers; twelve drivers; three stokers; twenty pipemen; twelve truckmen. The apparatus is as follows: Hose wagons, two: combination hose and chemical wagons, three; third-class Silsby engines,…

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