Issue 9 and Volume 32.

DOES THIS MEAN FURTHER INTERFERENCE? We read that the Merchants’ association, of New York, has engaged the services of Mr. Columbus O. Johnson, wTio held the position of water registrar under the administration of Mayor Strong, to make a tour of the principal cities of Great Britain and the continent of Europe for the purpose of making an original and thorough study of the water systems in the different cities and of sending full reports thereof, front time to time, to the association. Among the cities which Mr. Johnson will visit for this purpose are Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham. London, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, and Munich. The study of the water systems in these cities will he concerned primarily with such questions as the methods of distributing water, collecting water rates, the operation of meter systems, and means adopted to detect and check waste, rather than with engineering features. That…

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