Issue 9 and Volume 32.

SCRANTON WATER COMPANY WINS. The City Cannot Interfere With Mains Withoout Compensating the Company. The city authorities of Scranton, Pa., having interfered with the right of the Scranton Gas and Water company to lay and maintain mains in its streets for the purpose of bringing water to the “village of Scranton,” the company brought suit against the city and obtained a decision to the effect that the municipal authorities could not interfere with it in the exercise of that right. From the wording of the decision it is gathered that in 1897 or 1898 the company laid mains on Front street oil the South Side ill the city within the limits of the old “village of Scranton,” between Prospect and Stone avenues. This spring work was begun on a main sewer, part of which is located on Front street, and as it was being built it was found to come…

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