Issue 9 and Volume 32.

WATER PROPOSALS. Brooklyn, N. Y., September 10, for materials and installing two 6.inch centrifugal sludge pumping plants at Calssons Nos. 2 and 3, Coney Island. J. Edw. Swanstrom, pres. boro. New York, N. Y., September 18, for an engine, coal and boiler house for high service works at Jerome Park reservoir. Robert Grier Monroe, comr. Brooklyn, N. Y., September 11, for pumping plant and appliances at Millburn engine house; also two connecting boilers at Miliburn pumping station, Baidwins, L. I. Robert Grier Monroe, water comr., N. Y. City. Wonewac, Wis., September 8, for waterworks system. W. G. Kirchoffer, engr. South Atlantic, N. J., September 15,for materials and construction of works. Henry Gestzen, mayor. Fairmount, W. Va., September 15, for improving waterworks Joseph P.Flem ing, clk Biloxi, Miss., September 9, for about 7 miles water mains and relaying 2 miles wrought iron pipe, etc. T. J. Rossell, chm. Chicago, Ill., September…

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