Issue 9 and Volume 32.

TESTS OF NEW METROPOLITAN FIRE ENGINES. The Battle Creek, Mich., Enquirer prints the following account of the official tests of the new “Metropolitan” steamer, made at that place on July 29, 1902: “At 2 o’clock, according to schedule time, the New Beauty was rolled to the Post Tavern corner, perfectly cold, and in five and one-half minutes was throwing a one and three-eighths stream 150 feet in the air, its force being raised continually until a full head was reached. When this was increased to 280 feet, another line of hose was added, and both made an average of 290 feet. The engine was then shut down, and five one-inch streams were started, all of which reached a height of forty-five feet over the tallest building in the city, the Post block. The next test was a combination of four small streams into one, through one and one-half, one and…

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