Issue 9 and Volume 32.

MEETINGS TO COME. SEPTEMBER. IOWA—Davenport; State Firemen’s association, 1, 2, 3. 4 MICHIGAN—Detroit; National Firemen’s association, 11,12 NEW YORK-New York City; International Association, of Fire Engineers co vention, 16 17.18,19. New Baltimore. Green County Firemen’s association, convention, etc., 1 (Labor Day). MASSACHUSETTS Boston, New England Waterworks association, annual convention,at”The Brunswick,” Bosto n 10,11. 12. INDIANA—Indianapolis, Central States Waterworks association, annual convention, 23, 24, 25. NEW JERSEY —Atlant c City, State Firemen’s association. convention. 10. VERMONT—St. Albans. State Firemen’s association, convention,11. NEW HAMPSHIRE-Mancbester, State Firemen’s association, convention, 26. OCTOBER. VIRGINIV Richmond; International Association of Mu nicipal Electricians, convention, 7,8 9. PENNSYLVANIA-Bradford; State Firemen’s associa tion. 7. 8, 9,10. NEW YORK—Hicksville; Southern N. Y. Volunteer Firemen’s association, convention, 15.16 MASSACHUStTTS Boston. Massachusetts State Fire men’s association, convention. 15 16 17 BRITISH COLUMBIA Victoria Pacific Coast FireChief’s association, convention. 7, 8, 9,10. NEW YORK— Hicksville. Southern New York Volunteer Firemen’s association, convention, 14,16.…

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