Issue 11 and Volume 32.

WATER SUPPLY OF ST. JOHN, N. B. The sources from which the water supply of St. John, N. B., is derived arc the Little river for the East Side and Spruce lake for the West Side. The mode of supply is gravity, with an auxiliary pump for the high-service in the Little river system actuated by water power at Silver Falls. The East Side is supplied by pumping from a twelve-inch pipe from Little river, which was laid in 1837; a twentyfour-inch main was added in 1851, and another twenty-four-inch in 1874, the auxiliary pump for high-service beine installed in 1898. The West Side supply is brought by a twelve-inch pipe front Spruce lake, laid in 1859, and a twenty-four-inch, laid in 1899. The city is divided into these two portions by the river and harbor, and the two sources of supply are twelve miles apart. The three pipes on…

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