Issue 11 and Volume 32.

FYRICIDE. “On the 5th inst. a fire broke out in our blacksmith shop, up in the rafters near the roof, where the fan is located, caused by back pressure of the natural gas. It soon got to be quite a fire, covering a space three or four feet in diameter and blazing four or five feet high. At first we tried to extinguish the fire by throwing water on it, using as many as a dozen buckets, but that seemed to do no good. We then threw Fyricide on it, using one tube and part of another, and this extinguished the fire at once. Kindly send us one to replace the one used and two dozen more to complete our equipment.” These are but samples of many hundred other letters equally strong, which can be supplied, upon application, by the company. Fyricide is sold by agents all over the world…

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