Issue 11 and Volume 32.

FIREMEN AND ELECTRICITY RISKS. At a recent meeting of the Firemen’s Union at Allentown, Pa., William F. Getter, of the Columbia fire company, read a paper on “Dangers of Contact with Electric Light and Trolley Wires.” He showed how a fireman literally took his life in his own hands when he had to fight fires in places where heavily charged overhead electric light and trolley wires abounded, from which an electric current might at any moment be conducted along a stream of water to the nozzle on the hose, causing injury or death to him who handles it. A like deadly risk is run in the case where ladders come in contact with wires similarly conditioned, and the cases are numerous in which firemen have been thus killed or grievously injured while standing on ladders which touched such wires. Even insulated wires ought to be treated as dangerous. The best…

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