Issue 11 and Volume 32.

NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT. Historical Sketch of its Formation and Development. (Specially Written for FIRE AND WATER.) If the old Knickerbockers, who were content to put up with fire buckets, hooks and poles, a bucket brigade, composed not infrequently of women and children and a few old men, hardly strong enough to raise the full pail from well or creek, could rise from their graves today, they would gaze in wonderment, perhaps, even afrighted, at the stupendous equipment and the marvelous operations of the city’s fire department. They would stand awe-stricken at the sight of the mighty engines pumping their hundreds of gallons a minute, the long and sinuous lines of serpent-like hose, swelling out with the water that was being forced through them at each stroke of the engine’s pump; the mighty fireboats, each a veritable leyiathan afloat, and the skeletonlike water tower belching forth torrents of foaming water;…

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