Issue 11 and Volume 32.

WHAT IS “FIREPROOF?” Says the New York Commercial Advertiser: “Experiments conducted in Boston to determine the best sound-proof partitions resulted in a recommendation of a so-called quilt, consisting of dry seaweed between two thicknesses of paper, preferably asbestos in a building designed to be fireproof. A plasterboard about one-quarter of an inch thick was also found effective, especially for covering wooden surfaces. It is also a fire-resistent. Perhaps, the most interesting experiments were made with “fireproof” woods. They all burned, but were slower to ignite than unprepared woods. Prof. Charles L. Norton’s conclusions arc that, when heated, the prepared wood gives off a gas which makes it more likely to fail to keep burning than an untreated piece of wood; and that, when afire, it gives out less flame, and hence is not as likely to cause fire to spread. It is destroyed by external heat nearly as rapidly as…

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