Issue 11 and Volume 32.

INCENDIARISM IN OHIO. The annual report of S. D. Hollenbeck, State fire marshal of Ohio, covers the proceedings of his department for the fiscal year ending January 1, 1902. The fire marshal declares that the law has proved efficient in a large number of cases in bringing about the prosecution and conviction of criminals, and has been of great benefit to the local authorities in their efforts to remedy the inflammable condition of buildings and to remove combustible material, especially in the larger towns and cities. In criminal prosecutions for arson the department had to meet the suggestion, and not infrequently the accusation, that the State was persecuting the defendant in the interest of corporations engaged in the business of insurance. Because of the investigations, arrests, and convictions made, the fire marshal feels that many of the citizens are giving better attention to the fundamental principles of insurance, as well…

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