Issue 12 and Volume 32.

MEMPHIS AND ITS WATER SUPPLY. Engineers J. A. Omberg, jr., Arthur Hider, and A. T. Bell have in reporting as to the water question of Memphis, Tenn., stated that the water is obtained from a stratum of water-bearing sand 300 feet below the surface. Steel tubes are sunk through the upper clay to the sand stratum and the water is collected through them. Experience has shown that the system of wells has been adequate to the demands thus far presented, and chemical analysis and the marked reduction of the death rate accompanying the extension of the mains indicates the purity of the water. The permanence of the supply, depending on the rainfall, can be assured. Even under the worst conditions the maximum yield was 10,200,000 gallons a day, which by indicating the number of wells was brought up to 19,000,000—an increase not entirely permanent, and due to the deterioration in…

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