Issue 25 and Volume 32.

TRANSMISSION OF FIRE ALARMS. E. B. Ellicott Discusses the System of Chicago. Mr. E. B. Ellicott, city electrician of Chicago, read a paper on the transmission of fire alarms before the Western Society of Engineers on the evening of November 19, 1902. As it is well known that Chicago has one of the most complete and modern fire alarm systems in the country, Mr. Ellicott’s paper may be reviewed with profit. Without exception (he said), electricity is the agent which has been adopted commercially in the transmission of alarms. The most commonly used system today is only an evolution of the first electrically operated system of 1852. Our present mechanically and electrically perfect street box, so simple in construction that a child can operate it, was represented in the earlier days by a box containing a large wheel, upon the periphery of which were teeth representing numbers arranged to make…

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