Issue 25 and Volume 32.

WATER SUPPLY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. All over Western Pennsylvania new towns are constantly springing up. Some have become cities; some are incorporated villages that will soon attain the same rank. Although their growth has been rapid, it has not been of the mushroom sort. These centres of business and population have come to stay—a fact which gives rise to the problem as to how they are to be supplied with water for domestic and manufacturing uses and for fire protection. At present some are dependent on springs and wells; others, on streams and creeks. These, however, with the growth of the cities and towns, are becoming contaminated. Sewage and seepage have polluted the wells, springs and streams, and what these have left unharmed the waste from mines, mills, and factories has not spared. When to this is added the decrease in the water supply itself, consequent on the destruction of…

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