Issue 4 and Volume 33.

GRAVITY WATER SUPPLIES. Newark, N. J., is one of the seventeen out of 112 cities in the United States with 25,000 or more people that delivers its water entirely by gravity, without pumping. The others are Altoona, Pa., Denver, Colo., Fitchburg, Mass., Hartford, Conn., Holyoke, Mass., Milwaukee, Wis., Minneapolis, Minn., Nashville, Tenn., New Britain, Conn., Portland, Ore., Salt Lake City, Somerville, Mass., Springfield, Mass., Syracuse, N. Y., Utica, N. Y., and Worcester, Mass. Albany pumps about seventy-five per cent, of its supply; Baltimore, forty per cent.; Bridgeport. Conn., a small part; Jersey City, N. J., gets seventy-five per cent., and Johnstown, Pa., ninety-five per cent, by gravity; Los Angeles, sixty-six per cent.; Reading. Pa., Salem, Mass., and St. Paul, about half, and Washington, eighty-five per cent.

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