Issue 6 and Volume 33.

FIREPROOF PAINT AND WOOD. Methods of Testing Fireproofing Materials Pursued by the New York Building Department. To remove the many misapprehensions as to “fireproof” wood, to improve the methods of inspection, and to create a standard test for rating the value of a treatment that will give uniform results (Superintendent Perez M. Stewart writes) an advisory committee of experts was appointed. The woods to be tested were to be selected as much as possible from stock already treated for commercial purposes; when not so possible, the company short of such stock shall treat a sufficient quantity for test purposes. The woods to be tested comprise red cak, long leaf yellow pine, spruce, cherry, birch, cypress, mahogany, hard or soft maple, and white or black ash. On the committee to make the tests were Prof. Woolson, Columbia university; Prof. Bliss, University of New York, and Dr. McKenna, Edward Atkinson, of Boston,…

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