Issue 6 and Volume 33.

FIRE NOTES FROM THE SOUTH. (Special correspondence of FIKE AND WATER ENGINEERING.) Jackson, Miss., is making substantial improvements in its fire department, having put on more paid men, rebuilt its hose wagon, and purchased a new hook and ladder wagon, combined with a chemical. The city has also rebuilt its fire alarm system, installed a storage battery and repeater, and in other ways made it up to date, which, with the new brickpaved streets, places the city in a shape to receive the benefits of reduced insurance.—Meridian, Miss., has also fallen into line in the way of improvements. A fire-alarm system of thirty boxes and other late improvements has been installed, and a full paid department of young and wideawake men, under the guidance of Chief Farrell, is showing the citizens that improving the fire department means money well spent.—Vicksburg, Miss., is keeping pace with its sister cities. A new…

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