Issue 6 and Volume 33.

BUSY TIMES FOR FIRE ENGINEERS. News From All Points. SYRACUSE, N. Y. The fire department of Syracuse, N. Y., needs strengthening by the addition of at least thirteen men, as the crews of the engine companies, the hook and ladder companies, and the two combination companies are not up to their full complement, owing to fourteen men having been drafted to man the new hook and ladder and combination companies placed in service during 1902. The number of fires attended last year was 344, entailing a loss of $276,862.19. on porperty insured for $2,244,834.52—insurance paid, $270,236.19; loss in property not insured, $6,626. Of these fires thirty-two were extinguished by streams thrown by the .engines; 103, by hydrant streams; eighty-three by chemicals, pails, etc. Of the 344 alarms forty were false, and four were outside the city. The uniform force consists of 136 men, divided as follows: Chief engineer; first and…

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