Issue 8 and Volume 33.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING We beg to call attention to the notice sent by Secretary Diven that the next—the twenty third— convention of the American Waterworks association will be held at Detroit, Mich., on June 23, 24, 25, 26, the Cadillac hotel having been secured as head quarters, and for the sessions of the convention. It is not test early for the members to do all in their power to make the convention a success. Would it not he awell if fire chiefs, and for that matter all firemen, received a few simple lessons in elementary chemistry as well as in “first aid?” If Chief Foley had hut known that ammonia or ordinary plaster of Paris, or even common kalsotninc would have neutralised the fumes of the nitric acid, he and those who died with him might have been alive today.

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