Issue 8 and Volume 33.

MINNEAPOLIS WATERWORKS NOTES. For the first time in several months, the waterworks committee last week received an estimate of what it would cost to complete the Northeast pumping station. The total cost will be $444,000. City Engineer Rinker presented an estimate of what would be necessary to complete the plant.—The committee received a communication from the Holly company, which said it would not be able to commence the work of installing the pumps before March 1, and that the first engine would not be in operation for six months—The committee re-elected John H. McConnell supervisor of the waterworks department, at a salary of $l,600 a year. T his is an increase of $100. YV. E. Moore was elected chief engineer, to succeed the late Andrew Bergstrom. M. V. Buswell was promoted to Mr. Moore’s former position. E. G. Stotigh was appointed to a position in the office made vacant by…

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