Issue 8 and Volume 33.

HOW TO DEAL WITH NITRIC ACID FUMES . The fumes of nitric acid proved fatal to Chief Foley and his brother firemen at Milwaukee because neither he, nor apparently the firm of die sinkers, on whose premises the sad accident occurred, were acquainted with the chemical properties of the acid, or knew how to deal with the fumes it threw off. Nitric acid is a powerful oxidising agent, which, on coming in contact with any animal matter, at once eats it away. On metals it has the same effect, hut not on vegetable matter, except in the case of wood, especially such as holds any turpentine in combination. On coming in contact with pine or fir wood, if allowed to soak into it, the acid in time raiseits temperature by oxidation to such a degree as to cause it to burst forth into flame, hut not till after the wood…

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