Issue 8 and Volume 33.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING. Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants ROCHESTER, N Y. The water commisioners of Rochester, N. Y., are watching over the waters of Hemlock lake more jealously than ever so as to guard them against the possibility of pollution. The total frontage on the lake at high water level, inclusive of marshy land at the head is 15.93 miles, half a mile of which was acquired by the city before the appointment of the commission. The commission has acquired of the balance 13.93 miles, leaving to he acquired 1.5 miles of frontage. The commission has also acquired 1,019 acres of the bed of the lake, leaving 969 acres not acquired. All of the hotels fronting on the lake have been acquired and removed. All of the other buildings that existed on the shores of the lake have been acquired, with the exception of fourteen cottages and…

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