Issue 8 and Volume 33.

DEATH OF E. T. IVINS. It is with great regret we have to record the death of E. T. Ivins, who was connected with the Thomson Meter company for more than ten years. Mr Ivins was operated on about three years ago for appendicitis, and was seemingly in good health at the time ot his death, which occurred suddenly at his home in Trenton, N. J , on the 17th instant. He was an excellent salesman, a whole-souled, good-natured fellow, a great favorite with all those with whom he came in contact, and always a friend The loss of Mr. Ivins will be greatly felt by the Thomson Meter company, as whose representative he was so long and favorably known. This journal has received many favors at his hands, and we sincerely regret the taking away of so great a friendWe extend to his widow and children our warmest sympathy.…

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