Issue 10 and Volume 33.

HAVANA AND ITS FIRE DEPARTMENT. HAVANA, CUBA, February 19, 1903. The Cubans look upon their fire department as quite up-to-date in every respect and perfectly efficient. Considering the indolent nature of the people it certainly is wonderfully good, and when there is an alarm of fire the “bomberos” turn-out and go ahead with wonderful verve and quickness, and not as if it were a matter that could be done any time. The chief of the department is Luis de Zuiriga, his deputy is Carlos Comacho, both of whom are men who have devoted much time and attention to the subject of fire protection, and undoubtedly profited very much from the visit of former Eire Commissioner Scannell, in 1899, who went to Cuba on a quasi-official visit to reorganise the old firefighting force. This he found to be fairly efficient as regarded both men and equipment, and the few hints he…

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