Issue 12 and Volume 33.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. St. Louis need not have gone to the expense of importing a cargo of bacilli prodigiosi from Europe, nor to the trouble of conveying them into the Chicago drainage canal at Leinont some fifteen miles from that city St. Louis itself breeds this prodigious bacillus in its own waters so freely that not even an expert, such as Dr. Bavold is said to be, could swear to the identity of any specimen of the microbe, on its being decanted into one of his testing tubes from a St Louis faucet, as being a member of the European family which he (must have) caused to be smuggled through the United States Custom House, in order to avoid paying duty for such freaks. Suoh evidence will not avail St. Louis aught in its attempt to prove that the Chicago drainage canal is polluting the waters of his city.

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