Issue 12 and Volume 33.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING. Construction, Extension, and Management of Plants ITHACA, N. Y. The sewerage of Ithaca, N. Y., leakage from which has been blamed as an active factor in the typhoid epidemic, was planned by Rudolph Bering, C. E., of New York, and built by an able engineer under the supervision of the former as consulting engineer. Instead of being dangerous, “it is exceptionally safe (says a correspondent) on the score of liability to leakage. Under the main portion of the city it is carried below the level of dry soil and so low that the flow at its terminus must be raised by pumps to discharge it. Such leakage as may occur is into the sewers, and this constitues a very unusual assurance of safety. The soil through which it is laid, at this depth, is always wet, and any adjacent impurities would, in case of leakage,…

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