Issue 14 and Volume 33.

FIRST WATER SUPPLY FOR NEW YORK. The first municipal supply in New York was provided in 1799, when the city, having a population of 60,000, purchased 2,000 shares of the stock of the Manhattan company, and this company constructed a well twenty-five feet in diameter and thirty feet deep in Centre street, and pumped the waiter to a tank on Chambers street, from which it was distributed through pipes made of bored logs. The population and the demand for water increased so rapidly that greater supply was required, and in 1830 the city constructed a well at Thirteenth street, near Broadway, sixty feet in diameter and 112 feet deep, ninety-seven feet being through rock, At 100 feet below the surface two lateral galleries were tunneled out from the main well, each seventy-five feet long. The water, which was very hard, amounted to somewhat over 10.000 gallons a day, and was…

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