Issue 14 and Volume 33.

NEW ENGLAND FIRE PROTECTION NOTES. The first automatic sprinkler was invented by Henry S. Parmelee. of New Haven, Conn., and patented in August, 1874. The merits of this invention were quickly recognised by the mutual companies, and thousands were installed in mutual risks, but the managers of the stock insurance companies could not be induced to recognise the merits of this device. After the introduction of the Parmelee Head improved sprinklers were placed upon the market and were known as the Grinned, Buell, Hill, Walworth, Kane, Neracher, and Esty. The first rules for the introduction of such sprinklers were few and crude; today their scope is wide and comprehensive In 1893 the New England Insurance Exchange began the work of improving protected risks under its jurisdiction, and called for the substitution of approved types of sprinklers for those unapproved, the changing of spacing so that sprinklers under no condition should…

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