Issue 17 and Volume 33.

LEXINGTON WATER SUPPLY Good Results From Filtration and Meterage in the Southern City. Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Lexington, Ky., was first supplied with water by a city plant, built in 1832. This was superseded in 1881 by another system which was pul in by the Lexington Hydraulic & Manufacturing co. at a cost of $250,000 The source of supply is surface water, pumping direct from an impounding reservoir distant three miles from the city. The reservoir system was afterwards so enlarged that there are now three, which extend from the Richmond, to the Mount Tabor turnpike, forming a water surface of about 210 acres, with a storage capacity of more than 610,000,000 gallons As the supply comes almost entirely from rainfall the water is pure and soft. In order, however, that there may be no suspicion as to its wholesotneness, the water is mechanically filtered through a…

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