Issue 17 and Volume 33.

CORROSION OF METALS BY ELECTROLYSIS. At the third annual meeting of the American Electrochemical society last week, A. A. Knudson, electrical engineer, read a paper on the above subject. In referring to local conditions, he said that the new East River bridge is the medium for the conveyance of stray electric currents in Manhattan back to their home in Brooklyn, and that, because of this fact, there is a serious danger menacing the new steel structure. There is also a constant leakage along the lines of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit company, while the current generated at the Kent avenue power station passes over the New York and Brooklyn bridge to Manhattan, and, passing by means of gas and water mains to points as far north as Twenty-third street, again crosses the river to the power house, completing the circuit. Recently in conducting tests it was found the response was faint…

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