Issue 18 and Volume 33.

ANCIENT IRRIUATION WORKS. The delta of the Tigris and Euphrates, which is now either an arid waste or a swampy desert, was in the days of the ancient Chaldeans a richly productive land, due to the system of irrigation pursued by that people, invented and practised by the experts of Chaldea, while as yet those who lived on the hanks of the Seine or the Thames were yet in the Stone age. The region was at that time as rich as the valley of the Nile, and only when these irrigation works were destroyed did Mesopotamia become the desert that it is. With an enterprising and progressive ruler and the expenditure of a large amount of money its former fertility could he restored by the rebuilding of the ancient works. If the much discussed railway from Europe to Bagdad is built, it will ultimately be extended to southern Persia, and…

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