Issue 19 and Volume 33.

WATER RESOURCES OF MINNESOTA. The United States Geological Survey will shortly report upon the water resources of Minnesota, and especially its artesian and other underground supplies, which have been under investigation for some time by Professor C. W. Hall of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The report will describe the water resources of the State, including lakes, streams, springs, shallow and deep wells, artesian wells, etc. Besides describing the wells, the report will consider the chemical and sanitary properties of the water, its present and prospective uses, the amount and stability of the flow, and the future prospects, both in developed and in untried areas. The report will also be accompanied by a brief description of the geology of the State so far as it affects artesian supplies, and will be illustrated by a number of maps and figures. New Sharon, Ia., has placed with a Duhuquc firm an order…

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