Issue 19 and Volume 33.

CONCRETE-STEEL CONSTRUCTION Specially written for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Concretc-steel construction is now becoming more general, and the combination possesses the good qualities of each material. Among other advantages it defies the gases in the atmosphere, changes in temperature, and the weather. It is absolutely fireproof and impervious to water, and practically non-absorbent of moisture; presents few points for the entrance of frost; and grows harder and stronger with age. Its strength is vouched for by the following testimony—much more might be brought forward: “The Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects made a number of tests in 1807 on concrete blocks of different mixtures and on some containing a reinforcement of Monier rods. They stated their conclusions as follows: “The great influence of iron netting imbedded in concrete is shown by the tests of Monier piers. The piers, with vertical rods extending from plain of pressure to plain of pressure,…

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