Issue 19 and Volume 33.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Recent electrical losses cited by the underwriters included thirty-six fires caused by the grounding of circuits, of which twenty-one were on awnings, metal work, and roofs of buildings, and four were on gas pipes. Reports were also received of twenty-six fires caused by crosses of telephone and signal wires with high potential circuits. Twenty-two fires were attributed to “defective electric wiring.” Fourteen were due to overhead rheostats, five of which were in electric cars. Six show window fires caused by defective electrical fittings or defective wiring suggest the need of more rigid inspection of electrical construction in such places. Seven fires were caused by open link fuses which were not inclosed in cabinets. Five losses have been reported as due to short circuits in flexible cord. Clearly the electrical hazard is pervading every building and even those cars, in which electricity is used. An enlightened physician…

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