Issue 20 and Volume 33.

MORE TROUBLE WITH THE CROTON DAM. The Croton aqueduct commissioners, having removed the earthen core-wall—about one-fifth of the new Croton dam—it was found that the foundation on which the new masonry work was to rest consisted of disintegrated limestone, and that, even after excavating to a depth of 115 feet, the material necessary for a solid foundation has not yet been reached. It is, therefore, found that the enormous mass of masonry already built may be resting on material equally treacherous. Chief Engineer W. R. Hill has submitted the following report on the subject, under date of May 8, 1903: To THE AQUEDUCT COMMISSIONERS, Gentlemen : On March 30 of this year, I called to your attention the character of the natural foundation disclosed as underlying the core-wall at the south end of the new Croton dam, which is in process of removal, prior to the substitution therefor of the…

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