Issue 21 and Volume 33.

FIREFIGHTING APPLIANCES IN FRANCE In a report on American machinery, etc., in France. United States Consul George W. Jackson, who is stationed at La Rochelle, writes to the State Department as follows on the subject of fire en gines: “There are scores of towns in southwestern France of more than 6,000 inhabitants which have totally inadequate firefighting appliances. Most of them have insufficient hand pumps; and while large fires are not frequent, yet they are important enough to create a need for steam pumps. An enterprising American firm would nrobably take many orders by exhibiting from town to town an automobile steam fire engine of moderate price. As the cities are near together the experiment should not be costly. Many thousands of these people have never seen such an engine at work, and are, consequently, unable to judge of its real worth as a firefighting.” Windsor, Vt., is installing a…

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