Issue 21 and Volume 33.

DANGERS OF ACETYLENE According to the annual report of the National Board of Underwriters the dangers from acetylene in the way of expansions of mixture of acetylene and air, with the consequent destruction of life and property serve once more to “emphasise the importance of placing acetylene generating apparatus outside of, and detached from buildings, the necessity of using properly designed and safeguarded generators, and the folly of using an open light, when attempting to adjust or repair a gas machine.” A review of the reports which the board has compiled, covering acetylene losses, indicates that over ninety-five per cent, of the fire waste due to acetylene might have been avoided, if the first precaution had been universally observed. Over eighty-five per cent, of the losses were occasioned in installations, using machines which had never been examined under the direction of the board, or had been dropped for cause from…

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