Issue 21 and Volume 33.

THE CONSTRUCTION OF FIREPROOF BUILDINGS A few days before President Cantor, of Manhattan, New York, for reasons best known only to himself, superseded Building Commissioner Perez Stewart in favor of Commissioner Thompson, the present occupant of the position, Mr. Stewart spoke thus on the subject of fireproof buildings in the borough of Manhattan: “The experience of this bureau during the last fourteen months has shown a great improvement in regard to the construction of fireproof buildings. Years ago very little attention was paid to fireproofing columns, and still less to the more dangerous parts of all buildings—namely, the elevator shaft and the stairways, few of which were inclosed by fireproof partitions or supplied with fireproof doors. In the fires that have occurred during the last year the extreme danger point has proved to be the former. We have suggested to architects and builders that elevator shafts be inclosed from top…

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