Issue 25 and Volume 33.

CONTAMINATION OF WATER AT ITS SOURCE. Mysterious outbreaks of water-borne diseases can often be traced to the contamination of the water supply at its very source. Thus, in 1872. an outbreak of typhoid fever occurred at Lauson, in Switzerland; 130 out of 800 persons were attacked—.they had all taken water from a public fountain, which was fed by a certain spring: this spring itself was derived from a stream in a valley which was on the other side of a mountain, called the Stockhalder. The facts were ascertained by the discovery that though flour would not pass through the base of this mountain, salt in solution in the water would. There had been two cases of typhoid fever in the Ergolz valley, and, in the absence of any other possible reason, there can be no doubt that the typhoid poison percolated through the base of the mountain, and caused the…

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