Issue 25 and Volume 33.

OZONISED WATER. At the chemical congress held recently in Berlin, Germany, in the section of organic preparations, Professor Proskauer, of Berlin, read a paper on the sterilisation of drinking water with ozone, and on ozone waterworks, the German electricians having succeeded in cheaply producing a concentrated solution of ozone. The speaker, with Professors Ohlmuller and Prall, of the Imperial health office, made exhaustive experiments with the solution in purifying water. The experiments included tests with water artificially impregnated with the deadliest disease-germs, like typhus, cholera, and dysentery. Such water was pumped through the socalled “ozonising tower,” and then rigidly analysed. All the germs were found to be killed, whereas the ordinary method of sand filters left the germs living. Moreover, the water was greatly improved in quality through the increase of oxygen from the ozone. Professor Proskauer said the ozonising plant was cheaper than the sand filtering system usually used…

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