Issue 1 and Volume 34.

THE FIRES OF 1902. The Insurance Press points out that “during the first six months of 1902 three conflagrations took place which destroyed property valued at more than $8,000,000 in Waterbury, Conn.; Paterson, N. J.; and Atlantic City, N. J. In Waterbury twenty-nine buildings suffered; in Paterson 456 buildings were either totally burned or damaged; the Atlantic City blaze spread to forty-five buildings. Each of these cities found itself unprepared for such wholesale destruction as was wrought by these disastrous fires, both as regards good buildings and adequate facilities for fighting fires of such magnitude. Stiil more recently Ottawa, Out., was visited twice by conflagrations within a few weeks’ time—one loss amounting to about $1,000,000, and the other, to about $400,000. Ottawa has now had three bad fires in as many years—the first one, occurring in 1900, doing about $15,000,000 damage. Yet, when the second one came, the city found…

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