Issue 1 and Volume 34.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING Thanks to the excellent work of Chief Meminger, his assistant chiefs, and the officers and men of the Milwaukee, Wis., fire department under most exceptionally trying conditions, the city was saved a repetition of the disastrous conflagration of ten years ago, which consumed thousands of dollars worth of property and caused a terrible loss of life in the same block as that in which one of the fires described elsewhere occurred. From that fire, which had caused a general alarm to he turned in, many of the firemen were called off to another, which threatened to be equally destructive, while those who had been sent home had hardly begun to rest from their fatiguing labor, when, all fagged out ns they were, they were again summoned to equally hard work. In each case the firemen, from Chief Meminger to the lowest private, kept up the noble…

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