Issue 4 and Volume 34.

UNIVERSAL PIPE JOINT. At the recent convention of the American Waterworks association in Detroit, a section of pipe, with the Universal joint, was shown under pressure, which proved of much interest. The Universal joint consists of a true tapered opening in the hub end of the pipe, and a corresponding true tapered spigot on the opposite end, which is, however, slightly larger in diameter, so that, after it enters the opening in the hub, power is required to draw the two ends together. The power is applied by means of two holts, until the angular surfaces have been forced into positive contact, iron to iron, thereby making the strongest, lightest, and most durable pipe joint known. A perfect Universal joint will he absolutely tight under t,000 pounds water pressure. Red lead, white lead, or any other anti rust mixture may he used to prevent corrosion, but no packing of any…

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